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About Skin Lyrics

Welcome To Skin Lyrics Dermocosmetic Range

At Skin Lyrics, we believe that beauty should be a harmonious blend of nature and science.


Our Dermocosmetic Range represents the pinnacle of this philosophy, where cutting-edge science meets the purity of nature to create skincare solutions that inspire confidence and radiance. 


With a commitment to excellence and innovation, SkinLyrics has established itself as a trusted name in skincare.

Our formulations are free from sulphates, silicones, alcohols, synthetic fragrance, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, formaldehyde, nonylphenol ethoxylates, triclosan, triclocarbon, PEG compounds and hydroquinone, lead or mercury.  No animal or animal-derived ingredients are used in our products, and no animal testing is performed on any of our products.

Skin Lyrics Serums - Tropical

Our Vision

Our vision is to revive your skin and bring back your confidence with every innovative bottle of Skin Lyrics.  We envision a world where every individual experiences the renewing power of our dermocosmetics range, embracing their unique beauty with confidence and pride.

The Art Of Formulation

Listen To Your Skin

We hear you.  Every skin type has different needs at different times.  Our skins are uniquely evolving and reacting to the external environment and to the internal state of our bodies daily.  Our formulations are designed to address those needs, one scientific block at a time.

Gentle Care

Discover non-irritating solutions that pamper and speak to your skin's evolving needs.  

Visible Results

Nature-Science Synergy

Our biocompatible formulations seamlessly blend the power of nature with scientific insights tailored to your skin’s own recovery processes.

Radiant Liberation

Unlock your natural glow with our innovative, multi-layered products.

Engineered blends for visible improvements from your first bottle.

Let your skin sing with Skin Lyrics.

Our Story

​Meet the Visionary Behind Skin Lyrics: Miss P


Renowned among her peers as "Miss P," our founder is an experienced South African pharmacist who possesses a coveted business degree from Australia. Her journey into the world of cosmetics research commenced at the tender age of eighteen when she was first introduced to pharmacognosy—the study of medicinal components derived from plants.

In her thirties, Miss P's fervent enthusiasm for skincare research ignited, fueled by her own personal battle with troublesome skin and an unwavering quest for natural remedies. What began as a mere hobby soon evolved into something remarkable. In the pivotal year of 2015, a pharmacy client learned of Miss P's personal use of her skincare concoctions. Moved by the prospect of healing her own badly inflamed and unevenly pigmented skin, she implored Miss P to share her secret. Miss P agreed, under the condition that the client provide weekly progress photos for one month. The transformation observed in just the first week left Miss P astounded, and within a month, the client boasted a radiant, glowing complexion. It was at this juncture that the seed of a visionary skincare range was sown.


The genesis of her brand, Skin Lyrics, was catalyzed by an act of love for her son, who had been grappling with severe acne for two long years. With unwavering determination, Miss P formulated a product that delivered remarkable results.

Driven by the profound belief in the exquisite synergy between science and nature, she stands as a testament to the Earth's boundless potential in offering solutions to our health and cosmetic concerns. The transformative results experienced within her own household, courtesy of ingredients sourced directly from nature, served as the guiding beacon for her mission.

Today, Miss P embarks on a global journey, striving to bestow upon the world a renewed sense of 'skinfidence' through Skin Lyrics—a brand founded upon the beauty of scientific discoveries hidden within nature.

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Join the Melody of Beauty

Skin Lyrics invites you to join the symphony of beauty where nature's notes are composed with scientific precision. 


Experience the transformative power of our Dermocosmetic Range and embrace your skin's natural harmonies. Discover the artistry of skincare that resonates with your soul – SkinLyrics, where beauty sings a melodious tune.

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