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At Skin Lyrics, we believe that beauty is a holistic blend of nature and science.
Powered by the functional wisdom of Africa's rich ethnobotanicals, we have created a dermocosmetic range that represents the pinnacle of this philosophy, where cutting-edge science meets the purity of nature to create skincare solutions that inspire confidence and radiance.


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Welcome to the home of Phyto-Restorative Serums where you can unlock the power of nature for radiant skin.


Our Phyto-Restorative Serums stand out as a unique and effective solution. 

We've carefully selected a range of plant-based extracts and botanicals known for their healing and rejuvenating properties. These ingredients work in harmony with your skin's natural processes to repair and restore, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Each serum is meticulously crafted to address your skin's changing needs .

Our products embrace the power of nature, are vegan friendly, of natural origin and are backed by rigorous scientific research. Our serums are formulated to deliver targeted results, and our formulations are designed to produce quick, effective, visible results.

Explore our range of Phyto-Restorative Serums designed to cater to various skin concerns.

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At Skin Lyrics, we believe in the beauty of nature and its incredible ability to rejuvenate and restore your skin. Our Phyto-Restorative Serums are a testament to this belief, designed to harness the potency of botanical ingredients to transform your skin's vitality and radiance.

Embrace the beauty of nature and unlock the secret to timeless, glowing skin with the range of Skin Lyrics Phyto-Restorative Serums. Your skin deserves the best, and we're here to deliver it.


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Our Story

Meet the Visionary Behind Skin Lyrics: Miss P


Renowned among her peers as "Miss P," our founder is an experienced South African pharmacist who possesses a coveted business degree from Australia. Her journey into the world of cosmetics research commenced at the tender age of eighteen when she was first introduced to pharmacognosy—the study of medicinal components derived from plants.

In her thirties, Miss P's fervent enthusiasm for skincare research ignited, fueled by her own personal battle with troublesome skin and an unwavering quest for natural remedies. What began as a mere hobby soon evolved into something remarkable. In the pivotal year of 2015, a pharmacy client learned of Miss P's personal use of her skincare concoctions. Moved by the prospect of healing her own badly inflamed and unevenly pigmented skin, she implored Miss P to share her secret. Miss P agreed, under the condition that the client provide weekly progress photos for one month. The transformation observed in just the first week left Miss P astounded, and within a month, the client boasted a radiant, glowing complexion. It was at this juncture that the seed of a visionary skincare range was sown.


The genesis of her brand, Skin Lyrics, was catalyzed by an act of love for her son, who had been grappling with severe acne for two long years. With unwavering determination, Miss P formulated a product that delivered remarkable results.

Driven by the profound belief in the exquisite synergy between science and nature, she stands as a testament to the Earth's boundless potential in offering solutions to our health and cosmetic concerns. The transformative results experienced within her own household, courtesy of ingredients sourced directly from nature, served as the guiding beacon for her mission.

Today, Miss P embarks on a global journey, striving to bestow upon the world a renewed sense of 'skinfidence' through Skin Lyrics—a brand founded upon the beauty of scientific discoveries hidden within nature.

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Our Success Stories

R. Mabasa

I bought Skin Lyrics serum a month ago and I've seen the results within 7 days. I have never ever in my life used a serum that can take away dark spots like this.  
I will recommend the serum to my friends. It works for my skin. 
I can't wait for other products.

My skin is glowing now💃💃💃💃
Thanks a million!

Ntokozo S

Pigmentation has always been my biggest concern, and after trying so many different skin products l never found a solution that worked for me.
After using the Glowess Skin Lyrics Serum, l notice a huge improvement within a month of using it.
Now with regular use it keeps my skin looking fresh and glowing.

Mokgadi (Spa Therapist)

Ooh thanks for the product! My skin is getting there 😁the radiance 🤗

N. Govender

It's working good so far, dries up the pimples a lot quicker and skin is looking a bit brighter. Just the marks are still there but that will take time.
Overall I am happy with the gel thank you very much.

Definitely will be purchasing again and happy to try the even tone product.

V. Sinivasen

Thanks  for the acne gel. It is helping.  My niece’s skin is clearing up.

M. Mothibe

My scars are getting lighter. Thanks.
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